“Zero Emissions,

Zero Compromises,

One Greatest Drive.”

Tesla The Greatest Drive

Branded / Social

If you could drive any road in the world where would it be? How much better would it be in a Tesla Model S?

Critics of Tesla have always used the ‘there’s nowhere to recharge’ excuse. But today there’s charging stations all over the world’s most famous highways. Working together with Tesla, we asked the Australian public where they’d go on their greatest drive, and who they’d take with them. With entries flowing in from all over Australia and New Zealand, we assembled a team to develop 3 of the best stories,

following subjects more than 1500 kilometres along famous highways, mountain passes and little beach roads in Australia and New Zealand.
Assembling a nimble crew, we developed the stories, wrote the scripts, and moved through production and post production in just a few weeks. Shot on location all over the country, the Australian stories were created over two tightly produced days.

NZ Story produced by local production company Augusto

“Three filmmakers.
Three epic road trips.
Zero compromises.”


Director - Zac Fuller

Creative Director - Jack White

Producer - Nicholas Cox

Director of Photography - Jarred Osborn

Camera Assistant - Gianna Mazzeo

Editor - Chris Axiaq

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Location scouting

Creative direction



Colour Grade

Music & Sound Design