“Every agency has their hallelujah moment.”

For Your Sins Short Film


What would a modern-day Jesus do when he was in the grips of a sleazy, full-service advertising agency? He’d drive some real hype during the crucifixion with an engaging social media campaign and supporting assets that gained maximum PR traction from key influencers.

Chosen to debut at the opening night of St.Kilda Film Festival, our newest short - For Your Sins - shares much in common with our Tropfest Award winning film, Granny Smith.

A fast-paced, satirical comedy, the super tight scripting and snappy editing give the screenplay - written by Gen C director, Jack White, and Gen C collaborator Terry Mann - an incredible energy on screen. Along with a crew of renowned producers, directors, editors, For Your Sins featured Australian actors Ryan Shelton, Dave Lawson, and Samuel Watkins.

“A young man seeks
the help of a boutique
communications agency
to help raise awareness
for his cause - ‘Your sins’
- via a physical challenge
- ‘Crucifixion’.”


Ryan Shelton as Matthew

Dave Lawson as Jay

Michala Banas as Jonnie

Tegan Higginbotham as Lucy

Sam Watkins as Mark

Cassandra Daly as Magda