At the Water Cooler

MICF At the Water Cooler

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It’s a dreary Monday morning in the middle of Autumn and you’re standing around the water cooler in the office at work, next to an awkward colleague, riffing on the best way to reheat last night’s pasta. “Do you put the parmesan on before or after the microwave, or?” they say, then pause for a minute. “Did you make a batch or?” Sound familiar? We thought so too.

We had the chance to bring our passion for office small talk to life this Autumn with a ten-part web series and a 30 second hero TVC for Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

The series ran throughout MICF and featured performances from comedians performing at the festival. We created every element of the campaign, from initial concept through scripting, production, set design and building, and post production.

Instead of focusing all of our efforts on a single TVC, we geared our team to shoot a series of films that support the hero video and keep MICF relevant throughout the festival. It gave MICF a reason to stay engaged with their audience and encourage Melbournians to get out and see a show in Autumn.

“With our nimble crew 
we shot 9 videos & a 
30 second TVC in a 
single day shoot.”


Jeremy - Nick Capper

Peter - Dilruk Jayasinha

Lisa - Ell Sachs

Neil - Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall

Jess - Michelle Brasier

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